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We make the best water you could ever drink. We are infused with minerals and tap water doesn’t have what we do, so your body will thank you for it! Tap Into Health is all about using water as a natural way to help aid digestion problems, chronic pain and diseases, sleep troubles while boosting energy and so much more!

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We at Tap Into Health Water Club, pride ourselves on offering Medical Grade Water Ionizers from Japan. Whether you want an Ionizer for your home or office, or just want become a member to access this amazing water, you’ve come to the right place! We are offering your first 20 gallons free with our limited time, promotional offer. Fill out and submit the form to receive this amazing offer at either of our two convenient locations.

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Alkaline Ionized Water

Reduce illness and inflammation, boost your overall health.

Red Light Treatment

Red light and near-infrared light – real and lasting benefits.

Hypervibe - body vibration

Boost your circulation and overall muscle health

Sunlighten infrared sauna

Are you looking for a great sauna experience in Concord?

Photobiomogulation Therapy

Use of lasers or LED lights, to repair muscle tissue.

Alkaline Water Delivery

Fresh Alkaline Water Delivered to Your Door.

What the doctors are saying:

“The consumption of hydrogen rich water for 8 weeks resulted in a 39% increase (p<0.05) in antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) and a 43% decrease (p< 0.05) in thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS) in urine. Further, subjects demonstrated an 8% increase in high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol and a 13% decrease in total cholesterol/HDL cholesterol from baseline to 4 weeks.”

Not All Waters Are Equal!

How can a water be antioxidizing?


What our clients say

  • I had an increase in energy!

    I heard about it from a friend, she had problems too. I have had problems and tried everything under the sun. I had an increase in energy. I loved having the option to try before I buy. I Just had to change the type of water I was drinking, I am taking it anywhere. I was a skeptic at first but now, I would say you should try it!

  • I started drinking Alkaline Water and I am feeling better.

    Cheapest Alkaline water- most Alkaline in Trader Joe’s are $4 to $5 per gallon, $1.11 per gallon in Tap into Health is much better. I started drinking Alkaline Water and I am feeling better. I slept good and I had a good digestion.

  • The best water I’ve ever had, tastes great!

    The best water I’ve ever had, tastes great! Helps a lot in digesting well. When I drank bottled water, I don’t drink a lot because it doesn’t feel like hydrating me like Alkaline Water.

  • Water is life, try it! Your body needs this water!

    My doctor recommended this water, my sister had breast cancer and I also heard about 3 years ago. I lost weight, my digestive system is better, it lowered HPP, my energy came back, it removes waste from the body, my dog loves this water, won’t drink anything else. Water is life, try it! Your body needs this water!


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We believe you will notice the difference if you give us a try! We are so confident in this we are willing to give away 20 gallons to every new client of ours. Please fill out our form to take advantage of this offer.


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