At Tap Into Health, we live for water. We even drink, swim, and bathe in water. Alright, well, maybe everyone does that – what we’re trying to say is that we love water. So, when we found out about Kangen Water®, needless to say, we were intrigued. The idea that water could be optimized in order to provide even more health and beauty benefits than it already does was extremely alluring to us. How could water possibly be improved upon? It already does its job pretty darn well. Upon further research, we realized that Kangen Water®, or alkalized water, is basically regular water that’s been designed to positively impact your body’s pH levels. Once we realized the amazing impact this could have on health, we were in.

How It Works

Step one:

Tap water is filtered through a machine in order to remove impurities and chemicals, such as chlorine.

Step two:

The machine separates the oxygen and hydrogen molecules in the water through electrolysis, creating a new molecule, named “diatomic molecular hydrogen gas”.

Step three:

The diatomic molecular hydrogen gas added to your drinking water creates Kangen Water®