How Does The Alkaline Water Machine System Work?

Diagram How it works

Tap water enters the Water Purifying Filter, an antibacterial active carbon filter, which is able to remove lead, chlorine, rust, and muddiness while at the same time preserving the important minerals in the source water, such as Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium.

The example shows 7 vertical plates, which is the number of platinum plates utilized by the Enagic flagship model, LeveLuk Sd501.

Water flows through a multi-electrode plate mechanism which ionizes and splits the water into alkaline and acidic waters. (Both alkaline and acidic water have unique and beneficial uses).

(For Strong Acidic & Strong Alkaline Water only) Water flows through an electrolysis enhancer to aid in the production of both strong acidic and highly alkaline water, which is not for drinking.