Who invented the machine?

Mankind has been chasing a Fountain of Youth for eons. The history of the machine evolves from 1789 when Jan Deiman and Adriaan Peets began attempts to replicate the water from the Blue Zones. It was Michael Faraday who developed the electrolysis process to separate the hydrogen molecules making water ionized. In the 1930’s Nobel Prize winner Dr. Henri Coanda traveled to the Hunza valley and found the frozen water crystal different from normal water and began using Faraday’s electrolysis’ process to form that same crystalline shape as found in the Hunza Valley with much of the same benefits. The Japanese were able to use Dr. Coanda research and refine the machine into what we have available today from Enagic. Hironari Oshiro started Enagic in Osaka Japan 1974, and he is a model of health, fitness and a scratch golfer.