Alkaline Ionized Water

Alkaline Water is a delicious drinking water that will help alkalize your body. Call Tap Into Health, Concord, California at 925-854-5114 to order

Red light and near-infrared light

Red light and near-infrared light has incredible healing properties and is used to treat many chronic pain conditions. More info at 925-854-5114

PBM Therapy

Photobiomogulation therapy, is a treatment that involves the use of lasers or LED lights, to repair muscle tissue whilst reducing pain and inflammation.

Sunlighten infrared sauna

Are you looking for a great sauna experience in Concord? Look no further than our Sunlighten infrared sauna. Give us a call to book 925-854-5114


If you are looking to boost your circulation and overall muscle health, Hypervibe is a machine that provides whole body vibration. More info: 925-854-5114