Here at Tap Into Health, we provide a range of health and wellness solutions. If you are looking to boost your circulation and overall muscle health, Hypervibe is a machine that provides whole body vibration.

Using a customized program, our Hypervibe machine can tailor the exact level of vibration to work a particular muscle group. You can slowly build up your resistance to work different muscle groups every time you have a session with us.

What is Hypervibe?

Hypervibe is a machine that provides whole body vibration, which is provided by oscillating plates that you stand on. It can be used to help support exercise as well as rehabilitation from various physical ailments.

It’s a safe and effective way to boost your health and fitness without having to visit a gym or spend lots of time on money on fad gadgets that don’t work.

What are the benefits of using Hypervibe?

Using Hypervibe has a number of benefits, including increasing muscle strength, tone and bone density. Hypervibe will also help reduce pain whilst also boosting range of motion (flexibility). Sessions will also help increase circulation and the lymphatic system.

We typically spend most of our lives adopting poor posture, or just spending too long sitting down. Our muscles can get fatigued and cause pain. Hypervibe literally re-awakes the muscles to encourage better circulation and drainage of waste products.

If you currently exercise, Hypervibe is a great way to supercharge your results in the gym. You may have even noticed your gym has vibration plates, however Hypervibe offers superior oscillation that can be customized to a specific body area, such as the glutes or lower back.

How do I book a Hypervibe session?

Tap Into Health are based in Concord, California. You can either visit us at our location or give us a call on (925) 588-7285 for more information.

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